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Our History:

Founded in 2019, Fox Families Care has connected hundreds of youth and families to vital resources.  The organization arose out of a significant need at the school district level to provide more resources for youth and families than limited budgets would allow. Fox Families Care's founding team of all-volunteer parents continues to step up to bridge those gaps. 

How We Work:

We work closely with a network of counselors, nurses, teachers, administrators, and strategic community partners. These partners refer youth to Fox Families Care to connect them with the resources they need while providing the utmost care to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity of our clients wherever possible. To find out how you can benefit from our programs and services, visit the Contact Us page.

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Our Impact: 

"I am a single mom and have two kids in the district. I was divorced four years ago and I was going through a terrible time. I had to start my life from zero, including moving three times from place to place while working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It was very hard on me.  Fox Families Care provided food gift cards and hot meals in Blawnox as well as other supplies.  Fox Families Care's support made me and my family happy and it relieved a lot of stressors.  I just want my kids to be happy and never feel inferior to their peers, and Fox Families Cares helped me do that." - Anonymous (recipient of services)

"I don't think there are enough ways to express the gratitude I have for Fox Families Care, their support has gone above and beyond and helped my family during plenty of times in need.  Having support from people we don't even know means the world to us.  We have recieved Halloween costumes, gift cards, registration fees, Christmas gifts, and most importantly reassurance that someone out there does have my back.  Last year, I was able to have gifts for my children to open when Christmas morning arrived, I was able to sign my son up for basketball, I was able to buy my boys their Halloween costumes (while allowing them to be whatever they wanted thanks to the gift cards!), and given food around Thanksgiving. To say I owe you one, wouldn't be enough. Thank you Fox Families Care!  Because of you, my children and I are able to enjoy our holidays and activities without having any worries. For that, we are so thankful!  I also wanted to add that everything was done with so much care and no one else had to know our struggles, which was so kind."

 - Kate (recipient of services)

"Last year at Christmas was the first time I ever did the Angel tree - I expected one thing from the wish list - So to show up to the school and see the volunteers bring out 5 bags of things, I was overwhelmed to tears that there were people out there that cared to be so kind. It gives you hope.  - Anonymous (recipient of services)

"I recently started a new job at a local hospital.  FFC made it possible to take the job because they helped me pay for my car repair.  Without transportation, I had no way to get to work.  The job has been a life-changer for my family.  I’d describe FFC as an amazing collection of angels on earth who care about the families they are helping.  They have no judgment, and they are always kind and very supportive! Aside from the help they provided, the conversations alone have been an even bigger blessing!  Their understanding and compassion are outstanding." - Anonymous (recipient of services)

"Thank you for the work you do! I grew up in a school district in MD similar to ours, but in a single-parent family where my mom had cancer, and I always felt different and financially “less than” since money was so tight. Thank you for helping bridge gaps, especially for single moms like mine, and like Katie and Heather (the women featured in your appeal letter). Finally, I really appreciate your financial support of mental health training; reducing stigma around mental health and addiction recovery is really important to our family. Again, thank you! Happy Holidays!" - Lauren Broyles (donor)

"I can’t express how very appreciative and in awe we are of the way that Fox Families Care has risen to support the Fox Chapel Area school community. Not only does Fox Families Care provide our neediest students and families with essential clothing, food, educational supplies, and other personal items, but the organization also provides a true spirit of caring and community. Also, thank you to your group for taking the initiative to make it effortless to collaborate with you. We’re grateful to be your partners, and we are so fortunate to have Fox Families Care to help us bridge the gap between the needs and resources of students within our school district." - David McCommons, Ed.D. (FCASD Deputy Superintendent)

"Fox Family Cares has been a real lifeline for the students at DMS. They discreetly swoop in with the kindest of hearts to help our students be successful in and out of the classroom." - Jon Nauhaus (DMS Principal)

"The partnership built between Fox Families Care and our school is grounded in a deep desire to help all students find success, support, and opportunity. Over the course of a very short period, Fox Families Care has become a trustworthy, reliable organization that will not only help benefit our students but the entire community as well. We are excited for how we can continue to partner in the future." - Dr. Michael Hower, ED. D. (Lead Principal, FCAHS

"Fox Families Care provides invaluable assistance to students in the Fox Chapel Area School District. In addition to providing critical everyday needs, Fox Families Care supports other initiatives that bolster our students' academic success and social-emotional development. We are so very grateful for their partnership and hard work on behalf of our students." - Ashley Contantine, Ed. D. (Executive Director of Elementary Education and Instruction)

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