We have many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.  When we get closer to the event/program date, we will post a link on this webpage to an online volunteer sign-up sheet.  In the meantime, to find out more about how to get involved or join a committee, see the details below:  


THANKSGIVING GIFT CARDS – Fox Families Care is providing gift cards to Giant Eagle for families experiencing financial hardship.   We want to go beyond the basics by ensuring all kids get to celebrate holidays with their families, regardless of financial concerns that are out of their control.  To donate directly to this initiative, contact treasurer@foxfamiliescare.org.


ANGEL TREE – Fox Families Care is providing gifts for children whose families are in need.  To purchase a gift(s), please look for our Angel Trees in the community (locations to be announced in a few weeks), or join our mailing list, and you’ll receive a link to purchase a gift online for a child.  If you have specific questions about this program, email Angeltree@foxfamiliescare.org.  


TELETHON – Fox Families Care has been selected by the FCASD to be the recipient of the annual Telethon proceeds.  Look for a link here or through our social media accounts to tune into the Telethon on December 23rd and be a part of this important student-led fundraising campaign. 


COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP – As an all-volunteer organization, FFC strives to identify potential committee members who have the dedication to serve, and a heart to give their time to helping families in their community.  Our current volunteers have many professional backgrounds in careers like fundraising, social media, finance, marketing, law, event planning, etc. Utilizing these skills, the volunteers spend many hours collaborating their unique talents together to create a successful organization.   If you are interested in committee membership, email secretary@foxfamiliescare.org or fill out this NEW MEMBER INTEREST FORM.