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Governor & Mayors Visit 

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Last month, Fox Families Care board members had the opportunity to meet Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey, and Sharpsburg Mayor Brittney Reno. While a nonpartisan position is important for our organization's success, we all share the same concerns for the 40% of Pennsylvanians having trouble making ends meet right now because of high consumer prices, elevated inflation, and stagnant wages.


How is Fox Families Care helping families regain stability in the face of this economic uncertainty? First, we work hard to ensure no Fox Chapel Area family has to make hard choices about how to cover basic necessities like groceries in the fridge, a comfortable place to sleep, school supplies in kids' backpacks, and warm outerwear in the winter.

Second, we know imagining a brighter future for vulnerable families goes beyond the basics. We provide scholarships for education and enrichment, support for families to create holiday memories, and special grants and resources for families in crisis. In this way, our goal is to partner with parents to simply let kids be kids, without the burden of things out of their control.


With all our neighbors paying more and getting less right now, Fox Families Care is here to bridge the gaps. Visit the "Contact Us" page to find out if you can benefit from Fox Families Care’s programs and services!

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